FAQs with our Lawn Consultants

Our Lawn Consultants Steph and Caroline are here to take you through some of the most common questions they get asked about lawn and lawn care!

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Meet the Team - Steph Profile

Meet Steph!

Steph started as a Lawn Consultant at The Turf Farm in 2017 and has obtained a huge amount of knowledge on everything lawn over the years. With over 7 years experience chatting to customers, there usually isn’t a question she can’t answer!

Here are the questions she gets asked the most about lawn:

Hey Steph, How often should I water my lawn?

If you’re laying a new lawn it’s really important to keep the lawn damp with lots of quick frequent waters. For example 5-10 minute waters 3-5 times a day depending on the temperature.

Established lawns need deep soaking to promote strong, deep root systems that help to build drought tolerance. We recommend around 1 hour once a week, depending on the weather and the variety. 

Hey Steph, Is it possible to grow TifTuf Bermuda or Sir Walter DNA Certified from seed?

The answer is no! Both of these varieties are sterile, so even if they produce a flower or a seed, that seed won’t grow.

Here at The Turf Farm we plant these varieties using cuttings or stolons. They root into the ground and grow and spread until the lawn is ready to be harvested.  After the lawn is harvested, the roots that are left in the ground will reshoot and become our next crop, around 6-12 months after harvest, depending on the variety.

TifTuf Bermuda growing back after cut from paddock
Meet the Team - Caroline Profile

Meet Caroline!

Caroline came to The Turf Farm in 2019 as a backpacker and started out helping to harvest and mow the lawns. She now works in the office as a lawn consultant and therefore has a unique look on both production and sales. 

Here are the questions she gets asked the most about lawn:

Hey Caroline, which variety will be best for active dogs?

You’ll need a hardy and self-repairing lawn. Varieties like Eureka Kikuyu and TifTuf Bermuda are great for active homes as they are rapid growers and repairers. They are warm season lawns and grow from runners above and below the ground. This means, if they get damaged, they can repair themselves quite easily!

Hey Caroline, how can I get rid of soursob in my lawn?

Soursobs are our most common weed problem, and it’s clear why – over 1.25 million hectares of South Australia are infested. Soursobs grow from a bulb deep in the ground, therefore even with the best preparation, they can still appear. This also means herbicides aren’t effective and essentially just burn off the leaf before they can regrow. Soursobs can be persistent, so we find regular mowing is the best way to keep their numbers low. If you choose to use a non-selective herbicide like roundup, make sure you don’t get any on your lawn!

Steph, Caroline and all of our lawn consultants (meet our team here!) are always happy to help with any questions you might have about lawn and would love to help you get new lawn in your home too!

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