Lawnhub Premium Turf Mix (per tonne)

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50% washed sand, 50% Organic compost and Hartley loam

Provides a great base for instant lawn with added nutrients and organic.
It’s best to excavate around 150mm of existing soil and replace with premium turf mix prior to the installation of new lawn.

Sold per tonne
Delivered direct to your door via tipper truck Monday-Sunday.
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Need to calculate how much premium turf mix you need?
Area (m2) x Depth (m) = m3
Then, your calculated m3 x 1.5 = Tonne of Premium turf mix

For example a 50m2 area at 100mm depth needs 7.5 Tonne
(50 x 0.1) x 1.5 = 7.5

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