Jeffries Forest Mulch (Per m3)

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Mulch is a great addition to your garden beds. Used to prevent your soil from drying out, they help to reduce watering requirements by maintaining moisture in the soil. Mulch can also suppress weed growth and insulate your plants against sudden temperature changes. Add a pop of colour and uniformity throughout your garden with the forest mulch!

Jeffries Forest mulch is a finer, natural looking mulch which has additional composted organic matter to add extra nutrients to your soil.
Made from 100% green organic material, including garden pruning and tree lopping that have been through a controlled process of natural aerobic composting.

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Need to calculate the amount of mulch you need?

Area (m2) x Depth (m) = m3
For example a 50m2 area at 50mm depth needs 2.5m3
(50 x 0.05) = 2.5

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