Most common reasons why lawn fail and what to do about it

1. Lack of water

It’s an obvious one but easy to overlook if you’re unsure about how much water your lawn needs. Here’s our guide to how much you should water your lawn

2. Lack of fertiliser

You should be fertilising 4 times a year, but your lawn has different fertiliser needs for each season. Check our lawn fertilising guide to make sure your lawn isn’t hungry

3. Bugs

Not all bugs are on the surface where you can see them. Some of them, like Blackbeetle, feasts on the roots of the lawn, in which case a spray is needed to get rid of them.Different bugs need different treatments, so it’s important to correctly identify which bugs are in your lawn before dealing with them. More details here on identifying and dealing with bugs

4. Shade

Most lawn varieties require full sun in order to be healthy. If you have the wrong type of lawn in a shaded area, the only way to get the lawn to grow is to remove what’s there and install the correct lawn. We find that Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo works the best in shaded areas. Here’s our complete guide to choosing the right lawn

5. Fungus & Disease

If your lawn has a fungus or disease, that’s usually a sign that it hasn’t been taken care of properly. In most cases, proper watering, fertlising and mowing will prevent them.

In South Australia, Spring Dead Spot and Fairy Ring are the most common. It’s best  to catch them in Autumn if possible as the problem won’t become apparent until Spring. In fact with all lawn fungi and diseases, prevention is the best cure. More details on lawn fungus and diseases here

6. Wrong Variety

All lawns are not created equal and all have varying attributes suitable for different applications. Choosing the one for your specific area and use is critical to a long term healthy lawn.

To find out which variety is best for your situation, check out our lawn varieties page which lists some of the attributes for each lawn type. Or better yet, give us a call and we can help you work out why your lawn is failing and if a different variety is better suited to your situation/

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