Ultimate Value for You

Products and advice so you get it right

You want an instant lawn that lasts, so we make sure you have all the info and support to make it happen.

Value is getting the best products and customer service at the right price

We ensure you have access to the tools to keep your lawn looking fabulous into the future.

With every instant lawn order, we include…

  • Bestseller Loving your Lawn Book

    Only book written for Aussie lawns, with all the things you need to know to keep your lawn looking amazing.

  • 10 year Lawn Solutions Australia Product Warranty

    What this means is that you can be sure that the instant lawn you buy from us has been grown and harvested to the highest standards, that it’s pest and disease free when delivered, and will perform to it’s maximum potential in its new environment.

  • Free Expert Aftercare Advice

    For the life of your lawn, if you have any concerns or need advice, just give us a call and we’ll help you with a solution.

How much is instant turf?

A guide on how much instant turf costs, comparisons to other outdoor surface covering options and why some instant lawn varieties are cheaper than others.

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