When is the best time to lay instant lawn?

Itching to get back out in the garden again?

Well, what are you waiting for? Spring has arrived and although the weather may take a few weeks to catch up to the season, you can start planning and planting your garden now. In fact, spring is the best time to lay instant lawn, so don’t wait any longer!

Why is spring the best time to lay lawn?

Spring brings new growth, balmier weather and the occasional spring shower.  It’s a great time to get out in the garden and care to your winter-tired plants and to plant some new ones! The temperature in spring is unlikely to get to damaging highs and therefore new plants can grow and thrive with little to worry about.

Not only is the weather perfect for planting, but it’s also perfect for the planter – that’s YOU! Digging and leveling your soil in preparation for instant lawn can be hard work and it’s often underestimated how long it will take. Spring temperatures are a bit more forgiving than the summer heatwaves when it comes to digging dirt!

In South Australia, the most common lawn varieties are Buffalo, Couch and Kikuyu, also known as warm season lawns. This means that they reach their peak growth habit through the warmer months of October-April. During this time, the lawns are out of their winter dormancy and are actively growing, regularly producing new stolons and rhizomes which are ideal for healthy growth and establishment.

mower and green grass

Spring also brings the chance of rain, meaning some of your watering will be taken care of. It is essential during establishment that your lawn doesn’t dry out. That’s why we recommend watering your new lawn multiple times a day in short bursts, ensuring it always stays damp. If spring brings some rain showers and milder weather, you may not have to water as often to keep it this way.

Can I lay lawn in Summer, Autumn or Winter too?

We know that life sometimes doesn’t go as planned, if you are faced with the prospect of laying at another time of year, that’s fine too! We harvest lawn all year round and can give you the best tips and advice for laying instant lawn in any season!

Plan ahead!

Have we convinced you to start thinking about a backyard refresh? 

If we have, it’s best to get planning as soon as you can! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – request a quote here and one of our lawn consultants will be in touch with you soon!

If you don’t feel up for the task yourself, spring is a great time to chat to your landscaper about your plans and get a firm date booked in – landscapers are often booked up months in advance at this time of year! We recommend to get in touch with the team at Lawn & Landscape Co if you’re interested in having someone come and do the work for you.

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