When and why you should mow your lawn

We know you’ve probably got better things to do than to be out in your garden every Saturday morning mowing your lawn. But, a lack of mowing could also be the reason your lawn isn’t looking its best!

Regularly mowing your lawn can be the difference between that stadium quality turf and the patchy average homeowners.

mower and green grass

When should you mow your lawn?

This is simple! Mow your lawn when it needs it!

If your lawn is newly laid, check it regularly to make sure it’s rooted, then as soon as you can no longer pull it up like a carpet and it has noticeable leaf growth, it’s time give it a mow. We would usually expect this within 4-6 weeks of laying, however in summer it could be within 2 weeks!

If your lawn is already established, a regular mowing regime will really help your lawn stay healthy, thick and lush. The frequency of mowing will depend heavily on the variety you have and the season. If your lawn looks like it needs a mow, its probably a good idea to get on to it.

Why should you mow your lawn regularly?

Consistent mowing heights allow for consistent nutrients within the grass, helping your lawn look the same throughout.

Leaving your lawn too long can block out the sun from reaching the undergrowth and can lead to die off from below.

Letting your lawn get too long actually ends up causing you to mow your lawn more often! When you do finally mow, you are taking off more of the leaf which will stress your lawn. Once the lawn gets quite long, don’t take more than a third of the leaf off at a time. You have to mow off a third, wait a few days and then mow again to get it back to the optimal height. So, sticking to the one third rule is extremely important in maintaining a healthy lawn.

The mower may have difficulty cutting down the tall grass even with an increased blade height, so it will be a much more difficult task.

A lawn that isn’t mowed regularly to the recommended height is often less healthy than a manicured lawn.

A lawn full of weak grass is more susceptible to disease, pests and weeds.

Mowing your lawn encourages lateral growth. It’s this lateral growth that helps your lawn become thicker.

Mowing getting a bit much?

Don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom of endless mowing! There are a few awesome products you can buy to make your mowing task a little less laborious.

Primo Maxx Plant Growth Regulator

Plant Growth Regulators (PGRS) slows down vertical shoot growth, while stimulating lateral and below-ground growth of rhizomes, stolons, tillers and roots. This results in a thicker, lusher lawn that requires less mowing. Ideal to use on faster growing varieties like TifTuf and Kikuyu in the summer months when mowing becomes too frequent!

Husqvarna Automower

Or, how does never mowing again sound?
Husqvarna automowers can do all the work for you, all day, every day for a permanently, perfectly mowed lawn. The Husqvarna Automower is the perfect solution for homeowners who want a healthy and pristine lawn, without the time commitment or noise of a traditional mower.

Find out more of Pauls lawn tips here or give us a call if you have any more questions!

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