Summer Lawn Care Tips

The hot summer months can take a toll on your lawn so here are our best Summer Lawn Care tips to keep it looking fresh and healthy this January.

Water! Water! Water!

During hot conditions, especially wind, your lawn will require extra watering as it may dry out. So when you watch the weather report and notice a hot week coming up, get off the couch and into the garden and pour that water on!

It’s recommended to give your lawn long deep soaks instead of light splashes every day, this will help to develop a strong root system that is better equipped to tackle extreme weather conditions such as drought. Watering early in the morning will help reduce the chances of fungus attack.


Summer is the time to fertilise your lawn, so if you haven’t already done so, get a good quality fertiliser and feed your lawn.

Do not apply fertiliser to your lawn during the heat of the day. Mornings or late afternoons are best. If a significantly hot day is forecast, it would be best to wait and apply when conditions are milder.

Apply a wetting agent

Hydrophobic soil is caused by the decomposition of organic matter, which leaves a wax like substance forming a coating on soil particles. A wetting agent like Lawn Soaker will break down this coating allow water to penetrate.

Here’s a quick video on top tips and products to use at this time of year!

Summer Lawn Care Packs

We have a range of awesome summer lawn care products that will help your lawn survive the warmest of weather! Check out our packs below, everything you need to get you through!

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