Seeded or Instant Lawn?

While many people believe investing in a seeded lawn variety is a more economical way to have a beautiful lush lawn, this is generally not the case. The upfront costs of a seeded lawn are cheaper in comparison to instant lawn, but the ongoing maintenance and repair costs will eat into your budget a lot more over time – not to mention all the extra time and effort spent on getting your lawn to look perfect.

  1. Instant lawn is already a healthy and mature plant, only needing the occasional watering, mowing and seasonal fertilising. If you invest in a Premium variety such as Sir Walter Buffalo lawn, it is guaranteed to be a lawn for life; never needing to be replaced!
  2. The establishment phase for instant lawn is much shorter than a seeded mix.
  3. Instant lawn can grow in relatively any place, and will help to stop soil erosion such as in sloping areas, where water may wash away seed lawn.
  4. Generally, instant lawn can be laid any time of the year – dependant on your location. Some seeded mixes can only be sown in certain seasons, and may only be suited to certain climates.
  5. Your area will go from brown to green in as little as a couple of hours with instant lawn. It will also add value to your home and will keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

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Jason Hodges talks about the difference between seeded and instant lawn

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