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How to Mow Your Lawn

  • Mowing height of your grass depends on the variety.
  • Sir Walter should be mowed between 2-5cm.
  • Mow in the cool of the day and don’t mow if hot weather is expected.
  • Only take off 1/3 of the leaf length, as most of the green is in the top of the plant and your lawn gains it sun protection from the leaf area.
  • Always use sharp mower blades that cut rather than tear the grass.
  • Let grass dry out a bit before mowing to avoid leaving tracks in your lawn.

Aeration & Dethatching

  • As your lawn gets older it often gets compacted soil.  Your lawn will benefit from aeration to allow water & air infiltration.  This is best done in the spring/summer months with a mechanical aerator or pitch fork.
  • Thatch is the organic matter that builds up above the soil line and often inhibits water and fertiliser absorption.  Dethatching is needed periodically to older lawns.  You can hire a dethatching machine or alternative mow (scalp) your lawn low down. This will promote root growth and allow water penetration.  If you mow low once a year you can help prevent thatch build up from years of growth.

Quick tips

  • Maintain sharp mower blades
  • Mow in cool of day
  • Check weather forcasts
  • Only take 1/3 of leaf in a mow
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