Learn the lawn-lover lingo

Have you recently started your lawn journey and already been confused with the many acronyms and secret lingo of lawn-lovers? Or do you just want to better understand what your lawn-lover mates are on about? Well, we’re here to help!


NPK is an acronym for Nitrogen – Phosphorous – Potassium. It is commonly used throughout lawn fertilisers to give the ratio of primary nutrients in the product. It may be written with the initial and the % such as N16 P1 K4, or even more confusingly sometimes just by the numbers.

Nitrogen is mainly responsible for the growth of leaves and is the most talked about nutrient when it comes to lawns. Nitrogen is usually the highest percentage of your NPK ratio.

Phosphorus is largely responsible for root growth and is low in the overall NPK ratio.

Potassium is a nutrient that helps the overall functions of the plant perform correctly. Potassium is an essential macro-nutrient used in large quantities by plants for vigour and growth.


Another acronym! PGR stands for Plant Growth Regulators. These are products that can be used to help slow down the growth of your lawn, particularly throughout the warmer months when the lawn is actively growing. Some other benefits of using PGR’s include promoting healthier & denser turf, reduction of seed heads, and increased durability, just to name a few. When looking at using a PGR, we recommend Primo Maxx.

Domination Line

A domination line is referred to as the ending of your property boundary line and the start of your neighbour’s property. This line is often spoken about when one lawn clearly looks better than the other, with a defined line of difference between properties.


HOC is your ‘Height of Cut’, the length at which you mow your lawn. This is used by those lawn fanatics who love to mow their lawn regularly and maintain it at 5mm or less!


Reno is just short for Renovation. A lawn renovation is the process of removing weeds, removing thatch, aeration, fertilising, and top dressing typically conducted in spring. Chat to one of our lawn consultants if you would like to receive our full spring renovation guide.

Sky Beers

‘Sky beers’ is just fun lawn fanatic lingo for rainfall. When sky beers are around, there are a lot of happy lawn lovers!


A Scott Bonnar 45, also called SB45, is one of the more popular cylinder mowers for people to use. These mowers were first in production in 1968 through to 1980. Now more commonly, these mowers have become a restoration project for lawnies.

Kik, SWB, Buff,

In this fast paced world every word gets shortened for convenience, even lawn varieties.

Kik is Kikuyu

Buff is Buffalo

SWB is Sir Walter Buffalo


Now you know the lingo, you can treat your SWB to a PGR, Reno, 6mm HOC with your SB45 and pray for the sky beers. Enjoy!

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