How lawn improves your health

We’re passionate about health here at The Turf Farm, both mental and physical. Did you know that grass has been proven to be good for your health? 

Not only does freshly cut grass release chemicals that have a positive effect on the way you feel, but watching your husband do the mowing does too! 

All jokes aside, there are so many great health benefits of a lawn. It makes it hard to find a reason why you shouldn’t have one!

Promotes outdoor activity

Mowing your lawn is a great form of physical exercise. Plus, having an area for an outdoor game of footie or cricket means you’ll definitely be out there more regularly!

Promotes faster healing

Did you know, a study found that hospital patients with a view of green space out their window were hospitalized for a shorter amount of time than those without! They even required less pain relief through their recovery.

Increases relaxation

There is research that has linked the chemicals released by freshly cut grass to feeling happy and relaxed! Even while mowing – the repetitive movement of back and forth across your yard can be somewhat meditative!

Cleans the atmosphere

Natural lawns purify the air and therefore improve air quality in and around the home. For an added bonus, grab yourself a Husqvarna automower and you won’t even contribute horrible petrol fumes from mowing!

Reduces allergy problems

Lawn has health benefits which in turn boost your immune system, which can reduce reactions to common allergens. There are also new, low-allergenic varieties on the market such as Sir Walter DNA Certified and TifTuf Bermuda. If you do suffer from allergies, with these varieties you don’t have to worry about allergy flare-ups while enjoying your lawn!

Improves mental health

Lawns reduce noise and heat, which both contribute to irritability and stress! Exposure to outdoor green spaces has been extensively linked to feelings of calmness and happiness – so get outside and see how you feel!

And, if you’re stuck in an office or can’t get outside at the moment, it’s said that just LOOKING at pictures of greenery can produce some of these benefits too!

Please enjoy these calming, happy pictures and have a great day!

This week (21st-25th June 2021) we are proud to support Ben & Liam from NOVA as they are ‘Trapped’ in a glass box in Rundle Mall. They’re taking part to raise awareness for mental health and raising money for Lifeline Adelaide


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