All about TifTuf!

Have you heard about TifTuf Bermuda?

If you’re in the market for a new lawn, it’s likely you have come across TifTuf Bermuda. It is a fairly new Lawn Solutions Australia variety that has been developed from over 25 years of research. It has boomed in popularity over the past few years, leaving your standard couch lawns behind. TifTuf Bermuda is now one of our top selling instant lawn varieties in South Australia.

Why is TifTuf Bermuda so popular?

It’s all about the qualities! This improved hybrid couch delivers unbeatable benefits that leave traditional varieties like santa ana in the dust. 

On top of looking and feeling great, TifTuf brings some incredible traits, never seen before in instant lawn:

Drought Tolerant

TifTuf Bermuda is incredibly drought tolerant. It uses 37% less water than other lawn varieties. Additionally, it is the only turf grass in the world to receive the Smart Approved WaterMark for the exceptional water saving benefits that it was bred for.

TifTuf can be established with a fraction of the water that most other varieties require. Part of this is due to its rapidly establishing root system that can see it take root in less than 7 days, which can be up to 75% quicker than other varieties.

Wear Tolerant

TifTuf Bermuda is very hardy and self-repairing. In fact, it’s so wear tolerant that it is now a staple for football fields and tennis courts Australia-wide. Its dense growth allows it to stand up to heavy foot traffic, great for active families and pets.


Due to its fast growth, TifTuf Bermuda is a rapid-repairer. It has increased gibberellic acid production, which is a hormone for plant growth and development. This results in a faster growing lawn that can easily repair from damage.

Shade Tolerant

TifTuf Bermuda is a fine leaf lawn variety with shade tolerance – not easy to find! It can handle up to 50% of the day in shade, requiring around only 5 hours of direct sunlight to thrive. This makes it a versatile lawn variety that is suited to lots of different areas.

Year round colour

One thing we were never a fan of when it came to couch varieties is their colour change in winter. Your standard couches like Santa Ana can go almost completely brown through the cooler months. TifTuf Bermuda holds a much better winter colour than its non-hybrid counterparts. It is still a warm-season lawn, so can have some colour loss. We find in mild climates such as metro Adelaide, a green colour can be maintained all year round.
If TifTuf Bermuda does lose a bit of colour, it has quick spring green up as soon as the warmth comes back again.

Genetically Pure

As TifTuf was selected from a large gene pool based on certain traits, maintaining the genetic purity is crucial. To ensure this, the University of Georgia has bred all of its foundation material (thousands of acres) from one plant!

It’s a long process to then bring a sample of this from the USA to Australia, where it is propagated even further. 

As we are an accredited TifTuf turf supplier, all of our TifTuf Bermuda is grown from foundation plant material that is then sprig planted and established. Our certificate of authenticity guarantees you receive the genuine TifTuf Bermuda and is provided on all orders.


There is so much TifTuf has to offer, just check out the video below to learn all things TifTuf!

If you’re looking to install a lush lawn that outperforms all others in drought tolerance and wear tolerance, TifTuf Bermuda should be top of your list.

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