5 musts when laying new lawn

Laying lawn is easy, but there are some steps we don’t recommend skipping! Here are 5 musts when laying your new lawn.

Bring in new soil

Just as the foundation of a house is important to make sure it won’t fall down, a healthy soil foundation of your lawn and gardens is important to ensure it can flourish. 

We always recommend to bring in at least 100-150mm of fresh soil in order to give your lawn the best start and to mitigate the chances of having soil related issues down the line.

We recommend 80/20 sandy loam, Jeffries Special Soil or a dedicated Turf mix, depending on your budget and availability. 

When choosing your soil the goal is a firm base that allows water movement downwards and allows for water retention, so the turf roots system can develop and establish. 

Research and choose the right variety

Now it’s time to choose your turf type. It is critical you do your research as different varieties of turf perform very differently from one another.

Be sure to factor in future shade, wear and tear and access to water. If you need some professional advice on which grass variety suits your situation, contact our lawn consultants and they will be more than happy to help!

Here’s a quick run down of our varieties or for more info visit here:

Sir Walter DNA Certified – Perfect for family homes
– Broad leaf, soft to touch
– Great for shade up to 70% (only needs 3 hours direct sun a day)
– Low Maintenance (mowing every 10-14 days)
– Low allergenic

TifTuf Bermuda – Perfect for lawn lovers
– Fine leaf, soft to touch
– Drought tolerant (requires 37% less water)
– Great for shade up to 50% (only needs 5 hours direct sun a day)
– Fast growth and repair (mowing every 5-10 days)

Eureka Kikuyu – Perfect for active homes
– Medium leaf, soft to touch
– Full sun loving (shade max 2 hours per day)
– Fast growth and repair (mowing every 5-10 days)
– Male Sterile (won’t spread by seed)

RTF Tall Fescue – Perfect for cooler climates
– Medium leaf, soft to touch
– Cold and frost tolerant
– Green all year round
– Suitable for light traffic

Purchase accredited and warranty-backed

There are lots of lawn varieties on the market and truly ‘you get what you pay for’.

Ensure that the farm you purchase your lawn from is AusGAP certified as this will ensure that the lawn is of the best quality and the farm has been regularly inspected.

If you have chosen Sir Walter or TifTuf Bermuda, ensure the lawn comes with an authenticity certificate. Only accredited Lawn Solutions Australia farms can grow these varieties and any order, no matter what size, will receive an authenticity certificate. This certificate guarantees you are getting the genuine product that is genetically pure and has all the qualities expected of it. Due to their popularity, many retailers sell branded substitutes, so ensure your Sir Walter is ‘DNA Certified’.

Further to this, every Lawn Solutions Australia farm will provide a 10 year warranty with any lawn order. This certifies for a period of 10 years from instalment, your lawn will perform to its maximum potential in its new environment (subject to conditions).

Apply Starter Fertiliser

No matter the season, we always recommend to apply Lawn Launcher Starter Fertiliser to your soil prior to laying your lawn. 

Starter Fertiliser helps give your lawn a superior start, supplying essential nutrients for strong plant and root establishment.

This can be added to your turf order and delivered at the same time. You the simply have to throw out by hand or use your spreader prior to laying.

Lay your lawn within 24 hours

It’s imperative that you arrange for your lawn to be delivered once you’re ready for it and where possible, lay it straight away.

Your lawn is a live product and once harvested, it will start to deteriorate on the pallet. Our lawns are harvested fresh the day before delivery and we recommend to lay your lawn within 24 hours of delivery.

If you’re ready for your lawn, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our lawn consultants for further advice, a lawn quote or to book your in.

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