Paul Daniels Instant Lawn Tips

Paul Daniel

Co-Owner and Chief Farmer at The Turf Farm

Lawn is generally easy to take care of and keep lush and green in Australia. But here’s a few tips to help you keep your lawn green, full and healthy.

Why is Kikuyu lawn so popular?

Kikuyu has been a favourite front and back yard lawn for decades. But is it still the best choice for today's smaller yards?

How to deal with lawn seed heads

During spring and early summer, it's common to get lawn seed heads in your lawn. This guide will help you understand what's going on and to deal with them.

How much is instant turf?

A guide on how much instant turf costs, comparisons to other outdoor surface covering options and why some instant lawn varieties are cheaper than others.

Spring Lawn Care

As the weather is slowly but surely warming up your lawn will start growing a little bit faster! Due to the soil temperature warming up, your lawn will be coming out of hibernation and like a big [...]

Fungus and Disease

When is comes to lawn diseases it is best to stop or prevent them before they start! Did you have any dead or disease spots during last spring?


This winter has seen a huge onset of weeds such as soursobs presenting in many gardens and lawns. Here some tips to keep them under control.

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