Give your instant lawn the best start

Give Your Instant Lawn The Best Start​

You have your sandy loam down, ordered your lawn and now you are ready to roll out your new grass. To ensure you give your lawn a head start in establishment there are a couple of easy tricks!

A vitamin boost for your new lawn

Like us, lawn benefits from a vitamin boost to get up and going. Sir Launcher Starter Fertiliser is a highly recommended starter by all lawn experts to help your lawn through the establishment phase.

Sir Launcher is a blend of premium starter fertiliser and water crystals that are a MUST when laying lawn. It contains a ready supply of essential nutrients for your lawn to tap into as well as water crystals which help reduce the chance of your lawn drying out during the critical early stages of development.

To top it off, it saves on watering costs as the water crystals keeps water around the root band for over 12 months.

Lawn Launcher goes underneath the new turf

DON’T FORGET! For the most effective use of Lawn Launcher ensure that you spread it out under the turf sod before you lay your new lawn. If it is applied on top of the lawn you might come back to jelly balls all over your lawn, which is both annoying and ineffective!

It is recommended that Lawn Launcher is to be applied at 30 grams per square metre and raked into the top 30mm of your turf underlay/soil immediately prior to laying.

If you have any Lawn Launcher left over when you have finished laying your lawn don’t stress! It can be applied to other areas such as your garden beds, pots & around tree bases.

Lawn Launcher bucket sizes

Lawn Launcher

A starter fertiliser with mix of moisture magnets and fertiliser to apply to the soil prior to laying turf for a good boost into establishment.

Six Week Feed

Don’t forget you will need to fertilise in six weeks, so it is a great idea to throw in a bucket of fertiliser with your order.

Your lawn will need a top up fertilise six weeks after laying to keep it establishing as all the starter fertiliser will have been used. We have a specifically blended fertiliser that can be added to your order while you are purchasing your lawn. Buying now means that you will have the product, making it hassle free and you won’t need to go and buy fertiliser then. Just pop it in your shed and it will be waiting for you to use. How easy is that!

Fertilising is recommended 6 weeks after you have laid your lawn and at the beginning of each season in September/ December / March / April. Regular fertilising will keep your lawn in peak fitness condition, equipping your lawn to better resist pests and diseases and most importantly make your yard look fantastic!

Ask our friendly staff about these two lawn products and find out how easy it is to have a lawn the whole street will envy!

Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser

Supercharge your lawn with this premium lawn food. Fast and slow release granules packed with essential nutrients and trace elements encourage strong growth and rich colour.

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