How do you know
it’s genuine
Sir Walter
DNA Certified?

To ensure you are purchasing Sir Walter DNA Certified, always be sure you are purchasing from a Lawn Solutions Australia member or accredited Lawn Solutions Centre.

Research and development is a huge part of the Lawn Solutions Australia grower network. The extensive breeding, genetic purity and quality assurance programs that are in place, puts their turf at the forefront of the
turf industry.

You can confirm if you have purchased genuine Sir Walter DNA Certified by contacting LSA on 1300 883 711 or visit to clarify if the company you purchased from is an accredited Lawn Solutions Australia member.

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass - DNA Certified


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Sir Walter DNA Certified has firmly established itself as Australia’s ‘Number One’ buffalo lawn since it was developed in the Hunter region of NSW in the late nineties.

Sir Walter DNA Certified buffalo was taken up by a group of turf growers right around the country, with today that group making up the network of Lawn Solutions Australia member growers – Australia’s largest network of turf specialists.

These growers now operate under the turf quality and genetic assurance certification program known as AusGAP. Stringent criteria is placed over the growing, distribution and sale of turf products to ensure the highest possible turf quality available, verified by regular external inspection and auditing of turf farm practices to maintain compliance at all levels.

A significant part of the AusGAP program has included licensed Sir Walter DNA Certified growers having their grasses genetically tested against the original plant material to ensure the integrity and genetic purity of each farms plant stocks throughout the country.

The complex process has included morphological DNA testing and stringent inspection of grower’s day-to-day practices to maintain certification standards under the AusGAP turf-grass Genetic Assurance Program.

Sir Walter DNA Certified is exclusively grown by Lawn Solutions Australia members. Only Lawn Solutions Australia members and accredited Lawn Solutions Centres are permitted to issue this certificate of authenticity with every genuine Sir Walter DNA Certified purchase.

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